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  1. Billie bondar says:

    I am to go to Sequim lav farms Jun 26 to 30 to pick lav and bring to my friend in Seattle with end stage Pancreatic cancer as she is unable to go too weak … we have both never seen the beauty . I am from NH and am here for this purpose to give to her a bedroom full of this herb . How much can one pick at each farm ?? To fill a car in one trip collectively . ??

    • test3 says:

      Hi Billie! We are sorry to hear about your friend’s current state, but love what you are looking to do. Yes, we believe it would be possible, but. Ot every variety will be in bloom yet at that tome, so you will have to pick and choose from what the farms have to offer. Most farms charge about $5 per bundle from what it seems, but you may call them to get more info. Thanks!

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